Two common reasons why people mistakenly think they can't take dance classes

Here are a couple of reasons why people mistakenly assume that they could never go to dance classes.

They think they can't dance because they don't have any natural rhythm

Whilst some people are definitely born with more natural rhythm than others, many people who lack this skill naturally are convinced that this means they could not possibly enjoy or even follow a dance tutorial class.

The truth is that whilst some people do struggle to master dance rhythms, this does not mean that it's impossible for them to do this; rather, it usually just means that they need to invest more time into practising and may need to break a specific dance routine into very small parts and work on rhythmically performing each of these parts before moving onto the next. Over time, as they work out how to align their body's movements with a particular song's rhythm, they'll find that they move just as rhythmically as their fellow dancers who may be more naturally gifted in this respect.

Furthermore, no one needs to have perfect rhythm in order to enjoy a dance class.  Most people find that simply moving their bodies to beautiful music, whilst being cheered on and instructed by their dance teacher and surrounded by others who are also enjoying themselves, is enough to make them have a good time.

They don't look like the dancers they see on television and online

Many people are hesitant to go to dance classes because their bodies don't look like the toned, lithe dancers they seen online and in television shows, and they assume that if they go to a dance class, everyone else will resemble these supposedly perfect-looking dancers and that they'll feel like the odd one out.

This is a pity, as whilst people with, for example, muscular physiques might be better able to do more physically demanding moves which require a lot of strength (such as lifting their dance partners), those who are larger or less toned can just as easily master many challenging aspects of dance (such as rhythm, footwork, musicality, etc.)

Furthermore, those who feel this way but who are brave enough to go to their local dance classes are usually pleasantly surprised by how diverse the attendees' bodies are and how all of these people are able to progress and enjoy themselves, even though many of them do not look like the conventional dancers seen in the mainstream media.